Pen With 5 x Color Inks

Pen With 5 x Color Inks


Crygla was made by an artist just like you to give a fluent and classic artistry work.  Whether you are a Calligraphist, comic artist, or love to create nature art, our pen works well. We designthe pens to give a firm yet comfortable feel in your hands, and bright and shiny inks accompany them. Similarly, the glittery texture and the latest UV ink will illuminate your artwork even more.



Color                  Crystal

Ink Color          Multicolor

Brand               Crygla

Material          Glass

Quantity         5 Different colors with 1 Crygla pen.


Crygla CALLIGRAPHY SET: Perfect set for beginners and advanced calligraphers. 1 Crygla glass pen and 5 color ink make it a perfect calligraphy set. Glass pen made of high borosilicate glass.

5 VIBRANT COLORS INK: 5 colors of ink contain gold powder enable your creation more incredible. If you are looking for an ink which is shimmering, highly reflective colors that are lightfast, archival, and permanent, works for illustration, calligraphy pens, dip pens, this ink set would be your best choice. Shake the ink bottle well before use.

EASY TO USE: You could write 40-50 words per dip. Easily rinse clean with water and dry with paper in just 10 seconds. Quickly switch between different colors without having to refill the pen.

GREAT GIFT: Exquisite design, excellent packing, elegant and luxury gift pen for writers, creative types, artist, also dear friends and loved ones. Enjoying the compliments on your beautiful calligraphy pens, you will never get tired of the stream of compliments that you get from this nice pen.

Using Tips:

  1. Dip the pen slightly in an ink bottle. (Note: Nib should be only partially submerged to avoid ink blots.)
  2. Glide nib against the ink bottle opening to drain excess ink. When ink no longer drips down from the nib it is ready to write with.
  3. Use your glass pen to write notes, letters, wedding invitations, etc. Re-dip in ink if necessary.
  4. Please don’t put it in side of the table or other things to avoid breaking.


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